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Baby and Me

This class is a unique opportunity to introduce your toddler to the world of music and art. The program offers a series of educational and entertaining lessons. Over a period of one session your child can improve motor skills, advance in language development and increase their visual perception of the world in general

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Baby and me 0-1.5 years old coming soon

  • Arts for Tots Class
  • Baby got Bach Class
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These classes are available for those 6 year old and up. This is not just about developing and mastering acting talents. This class will help your child to build confidence, improve public speaking skills and memory, prepare to act appropriate in unexpected life situations. They will have the chance to Explore the world of acting and theater with one of the best and experienced teachers in Denver.

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This is a 4-week, intro class, to digital photography. You will learn the basics of how to use your digital camera, hot to lin -up a photograph, lightning, depth of field techniques and how to take better pictures in general. Various other workshops will be offered throughout the year that will be focused on mastering your photography skills. We are planning on offering classes like night photography, children photography,pets and animals and many more.

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These classes not only emphasize basic art techniques but also focus on creating an educational and fun environment with music, stories, and multicultural art study. These classes are designed to open up the world of art for your child and let their creative talents shine.

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Have you ever wished you could learn how to play a guitar? Stop wishing and sign up for your very first class. Lavschool offers private and group guitar lessons for both children and adults. Our classes are tailored for all levels of proficiency and all the instructors are professionally trained.

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Small group and personalized one on one lessons designed to suit your or your child individual vocal needs. The emphasis is on building confidence and a solid musical foundation through work on technique, sight reading, and exploring varying song styles.

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“When you play, never mind who listens”
Robert Schuman

Wheather you touch a keyboard for the first time or looking for opportunity to improve already existing skill, LAV school of music, art and theatre offerres a variety of fun group and individual piano classes for both adults and children
We offer private lessons for all ages and skill levels


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All our violin instructors have the same goal and that is to combine the highest level of education with fun and energetic learning environment. Private lessons available only.

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Birthday Party

Looking for a great and exciting way to celebrate your birthday. Look no further! We will create fun and unique experience for both children and adults. Parties include Hands on art and various interestinbg projects, which can be individually tailored. Parties last an hour and a half with additional 30 minutes for food. Please call LAVSCHOOL for details and booking.

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This class will focus on strengthening the body, mind, and spirit equally as many of our problems in modern society are caused by cultivating one at the expense of the other aspects. As humans we were made to use our intuition alongside our rational and calculating mind. Unfortunately we have been taught to overuse our intellect. This burns a tremendous amount of energy and leaves us with stress, fatigue, and disease. To rebalance ourselves we must find the toxicity and deficiencies we have accumulated and make small changes with our practice over time until we have a completely new way of life based on happiness, strength, and health.

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